Burning Out

I realized something today.

That thing that I realized is that having the right mindset is the only way to
stay afloat amongst the myriad of pressures that life throws your way.

Last year I started a journey, to change careers, become a software engineer,
and ultimately improve my life.

So far, I'm doing alright. I've come so far beyond what I thought I'd be able to
accomplish at this point in my journey, I'm fluent in topics of conversation I
couldn't pronounce a year ago.

This isn't about me though. This is about the mindset that comes along with
trying to do something for an external purpose.

Trying to "reach" a goal for a specific end result.

Learning this one thing so that I'll find a job.

For me, it's been a struggle to separate the stress of finding a job with the
stress of getting better as a programmer.

Allowing myself to equate the pure joy I get from attacking a challenge or
coding problem, understanding a concept for the sake of learning, and growing my
skills organically and painlessly, with the pursuit of growth so that I may be
"qualified" for an hereto unknown position is what's bringing me down.

Don't get me wrong. I need to get better. I can't stagnate, and I cannot stop
learning because I believe that I've reached a point where learning is just for
those "super passioniate" coders.

A small subtle shift in the way I view my daily coding activity is in order.

I would like to start thinking about it from a low-pressure perspective. From
the perspective that says, "This stuff is so cool! Check THIS out." Follow the
glorious rabbit-hole that is StackOverflow.

Listing out topics that I can improve on for the sake of improving is better
then frantically going from one to the next because I believe that if I don't
get better now, I won't get better at all.

I'm probably rambling at this point. I don't edit these posts. If this helps
you, great! If you want to discuss these thoughts, reach out to me. I'd love to
talk to you.