Let's be honest

It's weird for me to get up here and talk about honesty. This is supposed to be
a technical blog about learning!

I don't think I'm much of a writer. These posts are mostly stream of
consciousness, and mostly written on a whim.

What I'm referring to when I say 'honesty' is about showing your warts.

Everybody's got 'em. Things we're good at, and the things we're bad at.

I want to make an effort to be more vulnerable, to share of myself, the things
that are going well, and the things that I could stand to improve.

I just ordered Brene┬┤Brown's book on Vulnerability, Daring

So I'll start. Things haven't been easy. I love coding, I'm actually pretty good
at it, but lately, Impostor Syndrome has hit me hard.

Every time I've learned something new, (which is often), I realize how much more
I have to learn, and how little I know.

It's taken more of an effort to stay positive about this journey that I'm on
than it has in the past.

I'm hoping for a reprieve soon - a chance to stand up and say, "This is
something I worked hard for, and I accomplished it."

I'm in a dip right now, but the greatest indicator of success is the ability to
push through the lows.

So that's what I'm doing. Keep on pushing.

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